Details of the undergraduate programmes are provided in the online version of this Undergraduate Student Handbook, which is available at the homepage of the Academic and Quality Section. Students should refer to the study schemes in this Handbook on the programme requirements and applicability, and to the homepage of the Registration and Examinations Section for information of course offerings in the current academic year.


List of Programmes


Faculty of Arts


Arab Studies 1

Archaeology 1

Bimodal Bilingual Studies 2

Cantonese and Putonghua Courses

Chinese Language (Cantonese) as a Second Language 1

Chinese Language (Putonghua) as a Second Language 1

Chinese Language and Literature 3

Chinese Language Proficiency Courses

Chinese Studies

Creative Writing in English 1

Cultural Heritage Studies 1

Cultural Management

Cultural Studies

Curating and Artistic Strategies 1


English Language Courses

Film and Screen Studies 1

Fine Arts

French 1

German 1


Hong Kong Sign Language 1

Japanese Language 1

Japanese Studies

Korean 1

Linguistics 3



Public History 1

Religious Studies

Spanish 1





Faculty of Business


Accounting 1

Asian Business Studies Stream

Business 1

Business Analytics 1

Business Economics 1

Finance 1

Global Business Studies Stream

Hospitality and Real Estate 4

Human Resource Management 1

Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis

Integrated BBA 1

Integrated BBA Programme 5

International Business and Chinese Enterprise Stream

Management 1

Management of International Business 1

Marketing 1

Professional Accountancy

Quantitative Finance

Quantitative Marketing 1



Faculty of Education

Early Childhood Education 6

Education 1

Exercise Science and Health Education 2

Liberal Studies

Mathematics and Mathematics Education

Physical Education, Exercise Science and Health



Faculty of Engineering

Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies

Biomedical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Computer Science 7

Data Analytics and Informatics 1

Electronic Engineering

Energy and Environmental Engineering

Energy Technology 1

Engineering Management 1

Financial Engineering 1

Financial Technology 3

Information Engineering

Logistics and Supply Chain Management 1

Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

Web and Cloud Computing 1



Faculty of Law

Law 1




Faculty of Medicine

Biomedical Sciences

Chinese Medicine

Community Health Practice 2

Gerontology 2

Global Physician-Leadership Stream




Public Health



Faculty of Science



Cell and Molecular Biology


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Earth System Science

Environmental Science

Food and Nutritional Sciences

Mathematics 7

Molecular Biotechnology

Natural Sciences 2


Risk Management Science 8

Statistics 8



Faculty of Social Science

Architectural Studies

CU-ASK: Innovative Problem Solving 1

Data Science and Policy Studies

Economics 7

Gender Studies 2

Geography and Resource Management

Global Communication

Global Studies 9

Government and Public Administration

Journalism and Communication


Social Policy 1

Social Welfare 1

Social Work


Urban Studies



Other Programmes

Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management

Computational Data Science

Contemporary China Studies

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 1

Interdisciplinary Major Programme in Global Economics and Finance

Learning Design and Technology

Mathematics and Information Engineering

Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science 8



Double Major Programmes

Chinese Language and Literature and Translation / Translation and Chinese Language and Literature

History and English / English and History

History and Japanese Studies / Japanese Studies and History

Linguistics and Translation / Translation and Linguistics

Linguistics and Psychology / Psychology and Linguistics

Integrated BBA Programme and Financial Technology / Financial Technology and Integrated BBA Programme

Biology and Chemistry / Chemistry and Biology

Journalism and Communication and Psychology / Psychology and Journalism and Communication

Journalism and Communication and Sociology / Sociology and Journalism and Communication



Double Degree Programmes

Bachelor of Arts (Chinese Language Studies) and Bachelor of Education (Chinese Language Education)

Bachelor of Arts (English Studies) and Bachelor of Education (English Language Education)

Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor

Double Degree options:

Bachelor of Arts (Translation) and Juris Doctor

Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Bachelor of Social Science (Journalism and Communication)

Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme)

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Translation)

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology)

Bachelor of Social Science (Journalism and Communication) and Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme)

Bachelor of Social Science (Sociology) and

 Juris Doctor



University Core Requirements

Chinese Language

English Language

General Education

Understanding China

Hong Kong in the Wider Constitutional Order

Information Technology / Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking 10

Physical Education




Co-operative Education Programme


International Asian Studies Programme




Students must familiarize themselves with the section on Regulations and Rules of this Student Handbook, in particular the relevant regulations that are applicable to their studies which stipulate requirements on course load, academic probation, leave of absence, graduation assessment, etc. Enquiries on registration, course selection, applications for change of Major Programme or period of study, registration and change of Minor Programme, leave and transcript may be directed to the Registration and Examinations Section. MBChB students should contact the Faculty Office of the Faculty of Medicine.

Grade Review

Students who have any question on the grade given for any courses must consult the teacher(s) concerned within two weeks from the date of release of the academic result. No appeal for grade review will be accepted after the specified period.

Course Code and Sequence

A course code comprises four alphabets and four numerals. The first four alphabets stand for the subjects (e.g., ENGE, BIOL stand for English and Biology respectively). The first numeral of undergraduate courses stands for the level of study. Undergraduate courses are coded 1 to 4 while postgraduate courses are coded 5 to 9.

Normally, lower-level courses should be taken before upper-level courses. However, for the sake of flexibility, most courses are open to students of all years of attendance subject to satisfactory fulfilment of prerequisite and corequisite requirements.






Offered as Minor Programmes only.


Special 2-year programme for articulation by sub-degree graduates.


A Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in collaboration with Peking University is offered.


The programme title has been changed from Hotel and Tourism Management to Hospitality and Real Estate applicable to students admitted in 2017-18 and thereafter.


A Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in collaboration with IE University is offered.


Apart from a 5-year programme, a special 2-year Bachelor of Arts Programme in Early Childhood Education for articulation by sub-degree graduates is offered.


A Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in collaboration with Tsinghua University is offered.


A Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in collaboration with University of Edinburgh is offered.


A Dual Undergraduate Degree Programme in collaboration with Waseda University is offered.


The Digital Literacy and Computational Thinking course is a new course which is applicable to students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter.