The Independent Learning Centre (ILC)


The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) provides a resource rich environment for students to reflect on and engage in their role as Independent Learners. Through specialized workshops, individual consultations, online resources, and guided study plans, the ILC helps learners to improve their communication and study skills, as well as plan their own learning strategies.


Objectives of the Independent Learning Centre:


To make available expert advice on independent learning and communication issues in both English and Chinese

To provide a resource rich and relaxing environment for students to engage in self-study

To provide online content and multi-media learning resources to help students reach their individual learning goals

To collaborate with teachers and units across The Chinese University of Hong Kong to provide resources and activities to support and encourage independent learning


What does the ILC offer for students?

Tailor-made and Discipline-specific Workshops

Intercultural Awareness Workshops

Career Preparation Workshops

Professional Examination Preparation Workshops (e.g. CRE, JRE, IELTS, TOEFL)

Individual Consultations

Guided Study Plans

Online and Print Resources

Communication Partners Platform

Language Exchange Program (for local, mainland and international students)

Special Guest Workshops on Specific Skills and Whole Person Development

Peer Mentoring Program (for selected colleges)


What are some of the physical resources available in the ILC?

We have over 3,000 English and Chinese items which include:



Job Search and Examination Practice References

Resource Guides (CRE/JRE)

Study Skills and Language Learning Software



What facilities does the ILC have for users?

A seminar room for workshops

A leisure reading and self-study area

Book and magazine displays for student use


Contact Us:

The ILC is located on 1/F, Wu Chung Library, United College. Students are welcome to make appointments for consultation and register for workshops via the ILC website at We can also be reached via