Scholarships and Financial Aid


The Scholarships and Financial Aid Section of the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) is a central unit responsible for coordinating and processing the applications for scholarships and financial aid.  Meanwhile, Colleges and the Office of Academic Links administer their own schemes, and students may check with them for further details.



With the tremendous support from various donors, the University provides a wide range of scholarships, prizes and awards to give due recognition to outstanding students and encourage them to make continued progress.


Admission Scholarships

The University offers admission scholarships to new undergraduate students on the basis of their excellent academic or non-academic performance such as sports, music and innovation. Students are not required to apply for these scholarships. The University will identify qualified new students and inform the selected students of the scholarship offers.


Scholarships for Local Studies

The University scholarships/ awards are mainly granted on the basis of academic merit. Yet other attributes and factors such as leadership, personal qualities, financial need as well as records of extra-curricular activities and community services may also be taken into consideration.


Many scholarship recipients are nominated by Faculties / Schools / Departments or other relevant offices of the University, with some subject to the final selection or approval by the donors. On the other hand, some scholarships are open to students for application. Announcement of such scholarships will be made by OAFA on the website.


Scholarships for Overseas Studies and Exchange

OAFA also makes announcement and invite applications for scholarships and awards which are designated for overseas studies and exchange.  In addition to tuition fees, some scholarships also cover living expenses during the course of study and the return airfare. Latest information on scholarships for overseas studies and exchange is available at OAFA website.



Both the Hong Kong SAR Government and University provide different types of financial aid to help students who have financial need.


Government Financial Aid

To support needy university students meet part of their educational expenses, the Hong Kong SAR Government provides the following financial assistance to full-time local students who are taking up exclusively University Grants Committee-funded or publicly-funded student places of recognised programmes:



Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS) is a means-tested grant and loan scheme. Grants are awarded to cover tuition fees and academic expenses while loans are for living expenses.


Non-means-tested Loan Scheme for Full-time Tertiary Students (NLSFT) provides students with non-means tested loans up to the amount of annual tuition fees.


The government hostel subsidy is available to local needy undergraduates. 


Students may refer to the website of Student Finance Office of the Working Family and Student Financial Assistance Agency at for more information.


University Financial Aid

To help enriching university life and broadening their exposure, the University offers various financial aid schemes to needy students.



University Bursaries and Loans are available to local students who are studying full-time undergraduate programmes and cannot get sufficient financial assistance under the TSFS because of unexpected financial difficulties or other reasons.


Summer Subsistence and Travel Loan Scheme provides interest-free loan to local undergraduate students with financial need to participate in summer activities and overseas learning.


Student Residence Bursary Scheme offers hostel grant to subsidize partial hostel fee of the needy local undergraduate students who are not able to benefit substantially from the government hostel subsidy.


Student Campus Work Scheme provides students with opportunities for paid campus work.


Other than the above regular schemes, the University will also launch some ad hoc financial aid schemes when it sees the needs under special circumstances.  In addition, non-local students with financial difficulties may approach OAFA to discuss their needs and seek advice or assistance as necessary.



For enquiries on University scholarships and financial aid schemes, please contact the Scholarships and Financial Aid Section, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid.



3943 9285 (Scholarships)

3943 1898 (Financial Aid)