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Registration and Examinations Section

Application for Course & Unit Exemptions under CUSIS


1.     Make Applications


Undergraduate students should submit applications for course & unit exemptions by filling in the on-line form under CUSIS, uploading the softcopy of the supporting documents*, and make necessary payment on-line.  Students can track their application status at anytime in CUSIS.


*Supporting Documents

Important NOTE: Students who submit softcopy file should combine all pages of the supporting documents into one single PDF or JPEG file.  The file limit is 5MB.


-             A copy of Certificate/Diploma/Transcript, and the documents listed below (where applicable)

-           Course Descriptions – copy of course content/course outline of the courses that taken at other institutions (or at previous programme of CUHK) in relation of the application, OR

-           Preliminary Assessment on Course and Unit Exemption (PACU) – students who join the exchange programmes may also include this form in the application, if any.


*          Application will not be processed if the University has not received the original official transcript(s) and the above-mentioned required documents are not uploaded properly along with the application.


2.     How to log on CUSIS for “Transfer Credit/Exemption” system function


To log on CUSIS Transfer Credit/Exemption function, students need to logon “MyCUHK”, then click “MyStudy/CUSIS” and then select “Transfer Credit/Exemption” from the left menu bar.  Please refer to < Appendix 1: How to Logon CUSIS Transfer Credit/Exemption function> for an example.  You MUST click ‘Create a new application’ to start a new application.


3.          How to fill in the online Course & Unit Exemptions application form under CUSIS


Please complete all sections according to the instructions/steps listed below.  Please refer to <Appendix 2: Sample online Course & Unit Exemptions application form> for details.


i.      General information

l  Institution: input the name of the external/former institution, e.g. University of Hong Kong

l  Career: select ‘Undergraduate’

l  Articulation Term: select the term you joined the exchange programme, e.g. 2009-10 Term 2


ii.     Attach Supporting Documents

Students are required to provide supporting documents as stipulated above by combining all the documents in ONE single PDF or JPEG file. The file limit is 5MB.


iii.    Information of External Course

For course information of external course(s), e.g. subject, course no., course title, please input the same information as stated in the transcript related to your present application.

If you have to use more than one course to apply equivalence to one CUHK course, please click <Click here to add another contributing course> at the input box of “External Course”, e.g. FINE2013 & FINE4213 of TCW University are used to apply for BIOL3333 of CUHK.


iv.    Information of Equivalent Course (i.e. CUHK course)

Choose “Course” under “Transfer Type” and indicate the equivalent course(s) to be applied (e.g. ANTH1010). If no equivalent course(s) available, input the subject (e.g. ANTH) then choose “EXEMPT” and input the unit(s) to be applied for exemption. 


Same external course(s) CANNOT be used to apply for course equivalence to 2 CUHK courses offered by different departments.  These applications will NOT be accepted.


v.     Apply for more than one course

Students who need to apply for more than one course, click <Make another transfer from this institution to another CUHK course> if the courses to be transferred are of the same institution.


vi.    Apply for credit transfer from another external institution in the same application

Students can submit in the same application the course(s) taken at more than one external institution by clicking < Apply transfer from another institution>.


vii.  Save or Proceed to Payment

Save:  Always select ‘Save’ in the on-line application form to ensure the input is stored in the system.

Proceed to Payment:  Students should make sure all the information on the on-line form is properly completed, and the softcopy file of the supporting document is attached, and then select ‘Proceed to Payment’, by credit card.


viii.  Check Application Progress

Students may check the progress of their application at anytime in the Application Summary which is in the first page of Transfer Credit/Exemption, the meaning of the application status is listed below:



Your application has been forwarded by CUSIS to the relevant administrative office.

In progress

Your application has been forwarded to course offering department(s)/Major programme/Faculty Dean for consideration.


You have saved the input in the system only. Since it is only a Draft, the system will not forward your application for processing.


Courses/units of the applications have ALL been approved by relevant academic department(s).

Partial Approved

Only some courses/units of the application have been approved by the relevant academic department(s).


Only for graduating students who join the exchange programme in their last term of study. The application have been granted preliminary approval only, the final results, however, subject to verification of official transcript from the external institution.


The whole application is rejected by the relevant academic department(s).


The application has been returned by the relevant administrative office, please contact the office concerned for details.

Has comment

The relevant academic department(s) or administrative office has made some comments, please read the comments and contact the relevant office concerned for advice, if necessary.


4.          University Policy on Course & Unit Exemptions based on post-secondary qualification


Students should refer to the above policy for detailed information before making the application.


5.          Computer-based Training for “Credit Transfer” on CUSIS


Please click here to view the computer-based Training for “Credit Transfer”.


6.     Enquiries


For any questions, please contact the Registration and Examinations Section.

Office address:         10/F, Yasumoto International Academic Park

Telephone:               3943 9888



For technical issue or any problems encountered during the transaction of payment, please contact the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC).


Telephone:               3943 8845

ITSC Service Desk:


Students of MBChB Programme should enquire with their Faculty Office for submission of the applications, if applicable.


Appendix 1:     How to logon CUSIS Transfer Credit/Exemption Function

Appendix 2:     Sample online Course & Unit Exemptions Application Form



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