Planned Course Offering for 2023-24
Enquire Planned Course Offering in 2023-24

The course information listed below is for planning ONLY. Departments may at any time amend the information or update the records. Students are advised to seek confirmation with departments if they require accurate updated information.

Please select :
Subject Code Description
AIST Artificial Intelligence: Systems and Technologies
ANTH Anthropology
ARAB Arabic
ARCH Architectural Studies
ARTS Courses offered by Arts Faculty
BCHE Biochemistry
BCME Chinese Medicine
BECE Early Childhood Education
BIOL Biology
BMBL Bimodal Bilingual Studies
BMED Mathematics and Mathematics Educatioin
BSCG Gerontology
CCSS Contemporary China Studies
CENG Computer Engineering
CHED Early Childhood Education
CHEM Chemistry
CHES Chinese Studies
CHLL Chinese Language & Literature
CHLT Chinese Proficiency Courses
CHPR Community Health Practice
CLCC Cantonese
CLCE CLC content courses
CLCP Putonghua
CLED Chin Lang & Literature & Chin Lang Education
CMBI Cell & Molecular Biology
COMM Communication
CSCI Computer Science
CUMT Cultural Management
CURE Cultural & Religious Studies
DSME Decision Sciences & Managerial Economics
DSPS Data Science and Policy Studies
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
EEEN Energy and Environmental Engineering
EESC Earth and Environmental Sciences-UG Major
ELED English Studies & English Language Education
ELEG Electronic Engineering
ELTU English Language Teaching Unit
ENGE English
ENGG Courses offered by Fac of Erg
ENSC Environmental Science
EPIN Entrepreneurship and Innovation
ESSC Earth System Science-UG Major
ESTR Courses for ELITE Stream
FAAS Fine Arts
FINA Finance
FNSC Food & Nutritional Sciences
FREN French
FTEC Financial Technology
GDRS Gender Studies
GECC General Education - Chung Chi College
GECW General Education - CW Chu College
GEJC General Education - Joint Colleges
GEMC General Education - Morningside College
GENA General Education - New Asia College
GERM German
GESC General Education - Shaw College
GESH General Education - S.H. Ho College
GEUC General Education - United College
GEWS General Education - Lee Woo Sing College
GEYS General Education - Wu Yee Sun College
GLBS Global Studies (2-year)
GLEF Global Economics and Finance
GLSD Global Studies
GPAD Government & Public Administration
GPSU Global Physician-Leadership Stream
GRMD Geography & Resource Management
HIST History
HKSL Hong Kong Sign Language
HTMG Hotel And Tourism Management
IASP International Asian Studies
IBBA Integrated BBA Programme
IERG Information Engineering
ITAL Italian
JASP Japanese Studies
KORE Korean
LDTE Learning Design and Technology
LING Linguistics
LSCI Life Sciences Courses
LSED Liberal Studies
MAEG Mechanical & Automation Engineering
MATH Mathematics
MBTE Molecular Biotechnology
MEDF Medicine Faculty Package
MEDU Medicine
MGNT Management
MIEG Mathematics and Information Engineering
MKTG Marketing
MUSC Music
NSCI Natural Sciences
NURS Nursing
PGDC PgD Education (ECE)
PGDE PgD Education
PGDP PgD Education (Primary)
PHAR Pharmacy
PHED Physical Education
PHIL Philosophy
PHPC Public Health
PHYS Physics
PSYC Psychology
RMSC Risk Management Science
RUSS Russian
SEEM Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
SOCI Sociology
SOSC Courses offered by Social Science Faculty
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPED Sports Science & Physical Education
SSMU Selected Study Modules
STAR Courses for STAR Stream
STAT Statistics
THEO Theology
TRAN Translation
UGEA UGEA: Chinese Cultural Heritage
UGEB UGEB: Nature, Science and Technology
UGEC UGEC: Society and Culture
UGED UGED: Self and Humanity
UGFH UGFH: In Dialogue with Humanity
UGFN UGFN: In Dialogue with Nature
URSP Urban Studies