Registrar’s Office


Ms. Kitty W.H. Yu

Executive Officer

Miss Tracy C.Y. Chan


Academic and Quality Section

Assistant Registrars

Ms. Agnes K.W. Chan (Head of Section)

Ms. Penny M.Y. Au Yeung

Ms. Apphia Doo

Ms. Michelle K.Y. Ho

Ms. Alice S.M. Hung

Ms. Alison S.K. Wong

Executive Officers

Miss Priscilla Y.K. Chan

Miss Jenny W.M. Cheng

Miss Bobo P.Y. Cheung

Mr. William H.W. Ho

Ms. Niki W.C. Leung

Miss Vikki K.Y. Leung

Ms. Kathryn K.M. Ng

Miss Angela K.P. Wong

Miss Joann C.H. Woo


Registration and Examinations Section

Senior Assistant Registrar

Mrs. Aubrey Chan (Head of Section)

Assistant Registrar

Ms. Jennifer C.C. Chiu

Executive Officers

Miss Y.K. Au Yeung

Ms. Carol K.I. Chao

Ms. Becky Y.Y. Lai

Ms. Shirley S.Y. Lam

Miss Julianna C.Y. Leung

Mr. Simon M.Y. Siu

Ms. Kennis P.Y. To


Office of Admissions and Financial Aid

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Professor Andrew K.C. Wong



Assistant Directors


Dr. Annie H.H. Kung

Ms. Julia L.F. Leung

Administrative Officer

Ms. K.Y. Ho

Executive Officers

Miss Alison Y.K. Chan

Miss Christy T.C. Chan

Mr. M.Y. Chan

Mr. H.Y. Chang

Mr. C.K. Chau

Miss L.L. Cheung

Miss W.L. Chung

Ms. K.Y. Fung

Miss L. Huang

Ms. Irene Y.S. Man

Ms. Florona H.T. Tsang

Scholarships and Financial Aid


Assistant Director


Executive Officers

Miss Y. Chen

Ms. Daphne N.C. Lai

Ms. Suzette M.S. So



Graduate School Office

Administrative Head and Assistant Registrar

Ms. Angel S.W. Wong

Assistant Registrars

Ms. K.F. Kam

Miss Cindy T.P. Wu

Executive Officers

Miss P.S. Hung

Ms. Susanna W.Y. Kwan

Mr. C.P. Kwong

Miss Vivian C.M. Kwong

Miss W.P. Ling

Miss W.Y. Lo

Miss Anita P.Y. Ng

Miss T.Y. Wan

Mr. Y.H. Wong


Faculty Offices


Faculty Secretary

Ms. Sarah O.Y. Chan

Administrative Officer

Ms. Kathy K.F. Ip

Executive Officers


Ms. H.S. Ip

Miss Mian M.Y. Kwok

Ms. P.K. Kwok

Mr. W.K. Ming

Ms. S.Y. Ngai

Ms. Judith Wong

Miss M.K. Yuen


Business Administration

Faculty Secretary

Ms. Alien Y.W. Wong

Executive Director (MBA Programmes)


Administrative Director (Alumni and

Corporate Affairs)

Ms. Iris T. Liu


Administrative Director (Career Management)

Ms. Elizabeth M. Lebrun

Administrative Director (Marketing and


Ms. Joanna C.H. Wong


Administrative Director (Marketing and

Programme Development, EMBA Programme)

Mr. C. So

Administrative Director (Undergraduate


Ms. Rose L.S. Chan

Administrative Director

Dr. C.K. Koo

Functional Managers



Miss K.W. Lam

Ms. Roanne Y.H. Law

Ms. Karan S.K. Lo

Miss H.S. Tam

Executive Officers

Ms. Amy H.Y. Chak

Ms. W. Chan

Mr. C.W. Chau

Ms. Carina W.C. Cheung

Ms. Serina Y.M. Chow

Ms. Karen K.M. Chung

Miss Y. Guo

Mr. Tony W.K. Ha

Ms. Carol K.Y. Ho

Miss C.P. Hui

Ms. Louisa S.H. Kwong

Mr. Jerry H.F. Lam

Miss Christine T.F. Lee

Mr. H.Y. Lee

Miss W.Y. Leung

Ms. Barbara C.Y. Li

Ms. Claire W.Y. Li

Mr. C.K. Lin

Miss S.M. Lo

Mr. Derek C.H. Luk

Ms. S.C. Mak

Miss W.Y. Ng

Miss L.K. Or

Miss J. Pan

Ms. Angie T.C. So

Mr. S.W. So

Ms. Samantha W.Y. Szeto

Miss P.Y. Wan

Ms. S.W. Wan

Ms. C.L. Wong

Ms. Rebecca W.Y. Wong

Ms. Sarah S.M. Wong

Ms. Canethy M.H. Yip

Ms. Jean W.H. Yuen



Faculty Secretary

Functional Manager

Ms. Carrie M.Y. Tang

Ms. P.L. Cheung

Executive Officers

Miss W.Y. Cheung

Miss K.K. Fung

Ms. Alison W.H. Kwok

Ms. Angel W. Lam

Miss K.Y. Leung

Ms. Kitty W.Y. Ma

Miss K.K. Man

Miss K.Y. Ng

Miss N.S. Yeung

Ms. Y.K. Yung



Faculty Secretary

Ms. S.K. Lam

Functional Manager


Executive Officers

Mr. W.W. Cheung

Miss Y.C. Ko

Ms. L.M. Li

Miss C.Y. Tam

Miss Grace M.K. Wong

Mr. Jason C.H. Wong

Mr. P.F. Wong



Faculty Secretary

Ms. Joyce Y.P. Wong

Administrative Director (Career Planning and Professionalism)

Mr. Gerald Mitchard

Executive Officers

Ms. Linda L.T. Choi

Ms. Kitty P.Y. Chow

Miss Grace Ho

Mr. T.K. Leung

Ms. C.H. Liew

Miss S.M. Poon

Miss Serena C.W. So

Ms. Y.H. Wan

Miss C.Y. Wong



Faculty Secretary

Ms. Nowell C.H. Wong

Assistant Secretary

Miss Emmy W.S. Lee

Administrative Director

Ms. B.L. Wong

Functional Managers

Mr. K.O. Ng

Miss S.L. Wong

Administrative Officer

Ms. Sammi O.M. Lee

Executive Officers

Miss Jackie H.Y. Chan

Mr. Jeffrey L.H. Chan

Miss S.N. Chan

Ms. S.Y. Chan

Miss N.M. Cheung

Miss T.Y. Cheung

Miss B.Y. Kwan

Miss Eugenea C.H. Kwan

Ms. M.K. Lai

Ms. T.C. Lau

Mr. Y.W. Lau

Ms. P.Y. Law

Ms. P.M. Ling

Mr. K.Y. Liu

Miss Hilary H.Y. Lui

Ms. K.Y. Luk

Miss K.Y. Pong

Miss P.S. Siu

Ms. S.Y. Tam

Miss Y.P. Tam

Ms. M.S. Tsoi

Ms. H.T. Wan

Ms. Y.L. Wong

Ms. Loretta W.L. Yu

Miss M.K. Yuen



Faculty Secretary

Ms. Jorine C.W. Lam

Executive Officer

Miss Christine H.Y. Ling

Miss K.Y. Sung

Mr. C.W. Yau


Social Science

Faculty Secretary

Ms. Eva C.S. Yeung

Executive Officers

Ms. M.L. Chan

Mr. K.K. Tang

Miss K.L. Wong


University Secretariat

Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary

Mr. Eric S.P. Ng


Finance Office

Bursar and Director of Finance

Ms. Salome Y.P. Lam


Campus Development Office

Director of Campus Development

Mr. S.C. Li


Estates Management Office

Director, Estates Management Office

Mr. Y.W. Lam


Office of University Dean of Students

University Dean of Students

Professor W.H. Ko


Office of Student Affairs

Director of Student Affairs

Ms. Elaine Y.L. Tam

Head (Career Planning and Development)

Ms. W.Y. Ng

Head (Learning and Cultural Enhancement)

Ms. Louanta N.K. Yeung

Head (Student Experience and Development)

Dr. Y.L. Law

Head (Wellness and Counselling)

Dr. K.Y. Lam


Chung Chi College


Professor Fong Wing Ping

Dean of Students

Professor Edwin H.Y. Chan

College Secretary

Dr. Jane M.C. Cheung


Rev. K.H. Ko

Assistant College Secretary/

Administrative Manager

Miss Fion C.Y. Leung

Administrative Manager

Ms. Amy Y.K. Cheng

General Education Programme Manager

Dr. W.S. Tong

Executive Officers

Miss Juniva H.L. Fung

Ms. Jenny S.M. Lam

Mr. Dominic Y.K. Wong

Student Hostel Wardens


(Hua Lien Tang)

Professor Joyce H.S. You

(Lee Shu Pui Hall)

Professor Angela F.Y. Siu

(Madam S.H. Ho Hall)

Dr. C.H. Li

(Ming Hua Tang)

Rev. K.H. Ko

(Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex

(High Block))

Professor Dennis K.P. Ng

(Pentecostal Mission Hall Complex

(Low Block))

Dr. S. Hon

(Theology Building)

Dr. Leo K.H. Li

(Wen Chih Tang)

Dr. Linda C.W. Yung

(Wen Lin Tang)

Dr. Edmund K.L. Wong

(Ying Lin Tang)

Professor W.H. Ko


New Asia College


Professor S.O. Chan

Dean of Students

Professor K.S. Cheung

College Secretary

Miss Jean M.C. Luk

Executive Officers

Miss Chris K. Cheung

Mr. Kelvin Q.H. Cheung

Miss L.Y. Lee

Miss Y.K. Mok

Ms. Y.M. Wan

Mr. L. Yeung

Ms. W.W. Yip

Ms. Clara L.P. Yu

Student Hostel Wardens


(Chih Hsing Hall)

Mr. C.M. Chan

(Daisy Li Hall)

Professor H.M. Lam

(Grace Tien Hall)

Mr. W.K. Cheung

(Xuesi Hall)

Dr. Elean F.L. Leung


United College


Professor Stephen H.S. Wong

Dean of Students

Professor Martin C.S. Wong

College Secretary

Mr. Tony M.H. Chan

Executive Officers

Ms. K.W. Chan

Mrs. Jackie B.W. Chow

Ms. S.Y. Lin

Ms. Amy M.Y. Luk

Student Hostel Wardens


(Adam Schall Residence)

Ms. Crystal K.Y. Cheung

(Bethlehem Hall)

Dr. T.W. Leung

(Chan Chun Ha Hostel)

Professor Vivian W.Y. Lee

(Hang Seng Hall)

Mr. O.T. Wong



Shaw College


Professor Freedom Y.K. Leung

Dean of Students

Professor Morris S.Y. Jong

College Secretary

Ms. Candice H.H. Lam

Executive Officers

Ms. Winnie W.Y. Ho

Ms. S.M. Lo

Ms. Joyce S.F. Ng

Miss Y.M. Ng

Ms. Stella K.Y. Wong

Ms. Sharon M.L. Wong

Ms. Yen Gigi

Student Hostel Wardens


(Kuo Mou Hall)

Professor Donna S.C. Chu

(Student Hostel II)

Professor C.F. Lau



Morningside College



Professor Nicholas Rawlins

Dean of Students

Professor Colin Graham

College Secretary

Ms. Harriet Ng

Advancement Manager

Ms. T.K. Fong

Executive Officers

Miss Agnes Fung

Mr. Brian Lee

Student Hostel Warden

Professor Ann Huss



S.H. Ho College



Professor Vincent C.T. Mok

Dean of Students

Professor T. Lee

College Secretary

Mr. Andrew Y.K. Lau

Executive Officers


Mr. C.K. Chan

Ms. P.S. Chan

Ms. W.S. Cheung

Ms. K.Y. Chow

Miss C.Y. Lai

Miss C.L. Tang

Ms. N.K. Wong

Student Hostel Wardens


 (Ho Tim Hall)

Professor K.C. Lau

 (Lee Quo Wei Hall)

Mr. Clement T.C. Wu



CW Chu College



Professor Veronica S.Y. Wong

Dean of Students

Professor Vincent C.K. Cheung

College Secretary

Ms. Margaret P.F. Koo

Executive Officer

Mr. P.H. Chan

Miss S.M. Tang

Student Hostel Warden

Professor Jeremy Y.C. Teoh



Wu Yee Sun College



Professor Anthony T.C. Chan

Dean of Students

Professor K.F. Tsoi

College Secretary

Ms. Yolinda C.Y. Wong

Executive Officers

Ms. W.M. Kwan

Miss Karen S.H. Sham

Ms. H.F. Shek

Ms. P.T. Yu

Student Hostel Wardens

Professor M.H. Lai

Professor K.P. Pun



Lee Woo Sing College



Professor Joseph W.Y. Lau

Dean of Students

Professor Ellis K.L. Fok

College Secretary

Mrs. Alice Y.H. Fok Law

Executive Officers


Miss Eunice Y.Y. Lee

Mr. Terence Y.H. Yip

Student Hostel Wardens

Professor Y. Tao



Postgraduate Halls


Professor P.C. Shaw


Professor Edwin H.Y. Chan

Dr. C.P. Lee

Lady Wardens (Hon)

Dr. Alice Y.L. Lee

Ms. Sheila S.K. Yang

Executive Officer

Mr. K.T. Ng




Professor Y.L. Chan

Dr. P.H. Wong

Lady Warden (Hon)



Madam S.H. Ho Hostel for Medical Students


Professor Hugh Simon H.S. Lam


The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library


Mr. Benjamin G.M. Meunier


University Health Service

Director of the University Health Service

Dr. Scotty W.C. Luk


Sir Run Run Shaw Hall


Miss Ribble S.M. Chung


Information Technology Services Centre


Ms. Carol Chiu


Physical Education Unit


Dr. Elean F.L. Leung


Office of University General Education



Professor Thomas H.T. Lee

School of Continuing and Professional Studies


Dr. Alex M.L. Ng


Office of Academic Links

Director of Academic Links


Ms. Shally S.C. Fan

China Engagement Office


Director of Academic Links (China)

Ms. W. Wong


Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research



Professor Cecilia K.W. Chun

Research Units

Asian Institute of Supply Chains and Logistics


Professor Waiman Cheung


The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business

Co-Executive Directors

Professor Waiman Cheung


Brain and Mind Institute


Professor Patrick C.M. Wong


CUHK Institute of Health Equity



Professor Michael G. Marmot

Professor Jean Woo

Professor E.K. Yeoh


CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing



Professor Jean Woo


Chinese University Institute of Biotechnology


Dr. Y.J. Jiang


CUHK T Stone Robotics Institute



Professor Y. Liu


Gerald Choa Neuroscience Institute




Professor Bruce R. Ransom

Heart and Vascular Institute

Director (Basic Science)

Director (Clinical Science)


Professor Yao Xiaoqiang

Professor Bryan P.Y. Yan

Hong Kong Cancer Institute


Professor Anthony T.C. Chan


Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies


Professor Anthony Y.H. Fung


Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity


Professor Juliana C.N. Chan


Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research


Professor Stephen H.S. Wong


Hong Kong Institute of Integrative Medicine


Professor Z. Lin


Hong Kong Institute of Quantum Information Science and Technology


Professor R. Liu


Institute of Chinese Medicine


Professor C.K. Wong


Institute of Chinese Studies


Professor X. Tang


Institute of Digestive Disease


Professor J. Yu


Institute of Environment, Energy and Sustainability



Professor H.M. Lam

Institute of Future Cities


Professor T. Fung


Institute of Human Communicative Research


Professor Michael C.F. Tong


Institute of Intelligent Design and Manufacturing


Professor W.H. Liao


The Institute of Mathematical Sciences


Executive Director


Professor S.T. Yau

Professor Z. Xin

Institute of Network Coding



Professor S.C. Liew

Professor Raymond W.H. Yeung


Institute of Optical Science and Technology


Professor H.K. Tsang


Institute of Plant Molecular Biology and Agricultural Biotechnology


Professor L. Jiang


Institute of Space and Earth Information Science


Professor M.P. Kwan


Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications



Professor John C.S. Lui

Institute of Theoretical Physics


Professor C.N. Yang


Institute for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine


Professor W.Y. Chan

Clinical Director


Professor Patrick S.H. Yung

Lau Chor Tak Institute of Global Economics and Finance

Executive Director


Professor Terence T.L. Chong

Li Ka Shing Institute of Health Sciences


Professor Dennis Y.M. Lo


Lui Che Woo Institute of Innovative Medicine


Professor Francis K.L. Chan


Peter Hung Pain Research Institute



Professor Gavin Matthew Joynt

CUHK Futian Innovation and Technology Institute



Professor L. Qin

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) – Guangzhou Regenerative Medicine and Health Guangdong Laboratory (GDL) Advanced Institute for Regenerative Medicine



Professor W.Y. Chan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Research Institute



Professor D. Lin

CUHK Shenzhen Research Institute


Professor Y. Yam


Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering


Professor P.C. Ching