Rules to be Observed by Candidates at Examination Centre


(Rules concerning examinations of the MBChB Programme are separately announced by the Faculty of Medicine.)



Rules listed below are for proper administration of the course examinations. A candidate may be required to leave the examination centre and be disciplined by the concerned authorities in accordance with the nature and gravity of the offence for violation of these rules.


Bring to the examination centre the student identity card.


Take up the seat as assigned.


Electronic devices with transmission or photo-taking functions (e.g. mobile phone, smart watch and electronic organizer etc.) must be turned off and put inside the bag before entering the examination centre.


Place the student identity card and watch (not smart watch) on the desk for inspection by the invigilators during the examination.


Ask questions concerning the examination papers during the first 30 minutes of the examination session.


Those who arrive more than 30 minutes late shall not be permitted to take the examination.


Do not leave the examination centre during the first 30 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the examination.


Do not leave the examination centre without permission from the invigilator. Early leavers must make sure the answer scripts and related materials have been collected by the invigilator on the spot.


Do not bring into the examination centre any food or drink except pure water.


Only stationery, papers distributed at the examination centre and articles permitted by the concerned teaching staff may be placed on the desk.


Do not smear or disfigure the cover of answer books and answer sheets with marks.


Follow instructions of the chief invigilator, invigilators and concerned teaching staff, including but not limited to washroom arrangements, seating and collection of answer scripts/answer sheets/question papers.


Candidates must remain seated in silence until answer scripts and related materials have been collected at the end of an examination session.


No answer scripts or related materials will be accepted once the candidate leaves the examination centre.




Rules listed below relate to the conduct of a candidate during an examination session.  A candidate violating these rules, once established by the concerned authorities, shall be disciplined in accordance with policies and guidelines governing academic honesty.


Do not start reading the question paper or writing without permission.


Follow “Pens-down” instruction.


Do not carry any unauthorized articles on the person or place them on the examination desk.


Do not communicate or attempt to communicate improperly with other candidates, and do not copy from unauthorized materials or from the work of another candidate. Any attempt to use electronic devices with transmission or photo-taking functions (e.g. mobile phone, smart watch and electronic organizer etc.)  inside the examination centre is strictly prohibited.


Do not impersonate another candidate or let another person impersonate you.




Exception can be given to rules pertaining to electronic devices when candidates are permitted to use specified electronic devices (e.g. personal notebook or computer) by the Registration and Examinations Section for taking the examination.